In the Press

Appearances by Cornelius Grove on behalf of A Mirror for Americans:

      1. 16 Sept.: Interview by Vicki Pepper, KFRG-FM, Colton, CA. LISTEN
      2. 16 Sept.: Interview by Dr. Dan Miller and Joyce Vertere, WVOX-AM, New Rochelle, NY.
      3. 20 Sept.: Podcast (30 min) about Mirror launched by International Academy of Intercultural Research. LISTEN
      4. 20 Sept.: Review of Mirror by the Mommies’ Reviews webpage READ
      5. 20 Sept.: Review of Mirror by the Motherhood Moment Book Nook webpage READ
      6. 29 Sept.: Interview by James Lowe, Jimmy Jaguar Show, KJAG Radio; location unknown.
      7. Fall 2020: Johns Hopkins Magazine; publication of Mirror is noted (Grove’s 1963 B.A. is from Johns Hopkins) READ