In the Press

Appearances by Cornelius Grove on behalf of A Mirror for Americans:

      1. Sept. 16, 2020: Interview by Vicki Pepper, KFRG-FM Radio, Colton, CA. LISTEN
      2. Sept. 16: Interview by Dr. Dan Miller and Joyce Vertere, WVOX-AM Radio, New Rochelle, NY.
      3. Sept. 20: Podcast (30 min) about Mirror launched by International Academy of Intercultural Research. LISTEN
      4. Sept. 20: Review of Mirror by the Mommies’ Reviews webpage READ
      5. Sept. 20: Review of Mirror by the Motherhood Moment Book Nook webpage READ
      6. Sept. 29: Interview by James Lowe, Jimmy Jaguar Show, KJAG Radio, Salina, KS. LISTEN
      7. Sept. 2020: Johns Hopkins Magazine, Fall issue; publication of Mirror is noted (Grove’s 1963 B.A. is from Johns Hopkins) READ
      8. Sept. 29: Interview by Kevin Price, Price of Business Show, USA Business Radio, nationally syndicated. LISTEN
      9. Oct. 07: Interview by Bob Gourley, Issues Today Show, Issues Today Radio, nationally syndicated. LISTEN
      10. Oct. 15: Overview of Mirror posted on the book-themed British website, Boove. READ.
      11. Oct. 18: Interview by Jae B Wells, Sunday Program, KJAG Radio, Salina, KS.
      12. Oct. 21: Excerpts from both The Drive to Learn and Mirror released on the Celebrate Woman Today website READ
      13. Oct. 23: Mirror promoted on Celebrate Woman Today media sites Facebook READ, Pinterest READ, Instagram READ, & Twitter READ
      14. Oct. 26: Interview by Tom Sumner, The Tom Sumner Program, WFOV-FM Radio, Flint, MI. LISTEN
      15. Oct. 26: Review of Mirror on the Book Pleasures website. READ
      16. Oct. 30: Review of both Mirror and The Drive to Learn on the Gotta Love It webpage. READ
      17. Nov. 10: Review of Mirror by Midwest Book Review posted on its website. READ (scroll down to 3rd review)
      18. Nov. 16: Interview by Bryce Dolan, On the Front Porch program, KFRM-AM Radio, Clay Center, KS; available as a podcast LISTEN
      19. January 2021: “Where Children Learn How to Learn,” an excerpt from Mirror in USA Today Magazine (formerly, School and Society). READ
      20. March 2021: “Bowing to a Different Culture,” an excerpt from Mirror in USA Today Magazine (formerly, School and Society). READ
      21. April 5: A Mirror for Americans author Dr. Cornelius Grove is “Today’s Honoree” on the website of the same name. READ
      22. April 20: Interview on “Live at 9” program, WREG-TV, Memphis, TN; WATCH
      23. April 29: Both The Drive to Learn and A Mirror for Americans discussed in an EIN Press Release that is carried by the news services of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and others in the U.S. and abroad; READ
      24. May 5: Both Drive and Mirror discussed in “Collaboration with Dr. Cornelius Grove” by the Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger. READ