Below are endorsements, reviews, and discussions of A Mirror for Americans.

Endorsement by James W. Stigler, co-author of The Teaching Gap and The Learning Gap

In A Mirror for Americans, Cornelius Grove again shows his chops as scholar, carefully reading, digesting, and explaining, in a compelling way, what we know about teaching and learning in Asian cultures, and how what we know about other cultures can impact our understanding of our own education system. As one of the researchers whose work is included, I can say that Grove gets it right. I urge anyone with an interest in schools, teaching, and learning to read this book.

James W. Stigler, Ph.D., psychologist, University of California, Los Angeles

Endorsement by Natalie Wexler, author of The Knowledge Gap

In this clearly written and engaging book, Grove deftly navigates the voluminous research on differences between East Asian and American schools, extracting valuable insights into why students in the former consistently outperform those in the latter on international tests. While Grove realistically concedes that the East Asian model can’t simply be transplanted to the United States, he uses the research to highlight assumptions about learning that Americans need to re-examine if they want to provide all students with a meaningful education.

Natalie Wexler, journalist and author

Endorsement by Jin Li, author of Cultural Foundations of Learning: East and West

Reviewing decades of research, Grove provides a clear reflection in A Mirror for Americans that compels us to honestly look at how education has been done in the U.S. He asks us to question whether American education can benefit from East Asian values, which apparently serve many children well. Readers may be surprised by how this book breaks many myths of American education and points to ways for us to reimagine a better education for all.

Jin Li, Ed.D., cultural and developmental psychologist, Brown University